Nov 232013

On the evening of 2 Nov 2013 or morning of 3 Nov 2013 at the Rainwater Observatory, at roughly 6:00 U.T. Observed Barnard 33 and IC434 with my 16 inch f/4.5 Meade Dobsonian Reflector, Alnitak was out of the field of view, the flame extended above the three stars that include NGC 2023 and could see the silhouette of the Horse Head above the middle star on the Flame with my Hydroden Beta Filter, the flame appeared white in the filter. I used a 26mm 2inch wide angle eyepiece which was about 70 power made by Meade that came with the telescope, that was reserved for the observation, there was no dew on the eyepiece or on the primary and secondary mirrors. Observaiton made by Doug Horacek Resident Astronomer of the Von Braun Astronomical Society of Madison Alabama.
Picture is to show the Horse Head Nebula Section I saw.

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