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Monte Sano State Park


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VBAS Observing Crew and Swanson 21 Inch TelescopeJeff Delmas

VBAS operates several observatories and instruments on our campus within the Monte Sano State Park.  The Conrad Swanson Observatory, built in 1956, houses a 21" Newtonian telescope.  The Swanson Observatory is easy to spot with its traditional dome. The 21" telescope is the second telescope to occupy the Swanson Observatory, the first was a 16" Newtonian that Dr. Von Braun acquired in 1957.  The current 21" telescope was constructed by members and installed around 1970.

The Wilhelm Angele Observatory, built in the early 1980s, houses our Celestron C-16  (16") Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. The Angele Observatory features a roll-off roof that gives a wide view of the sky for the many visitors to the observatory.

The Angele Observatory also houses the Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger solar telescope, a heliostat system that projects an image of the Sun about three feet in diameter onto a screen.

In addition to the fixed telescopes mounted in the observatories, the Society owns several movable and portable telescopes that can be set up in the field.  Most notable among these are a 14" Meade LX200, a 152mm Astro-Physics Starfire Apochromatic refractor, and an 18" Obsession Dobsonian.

Watch our home page for details about upcoming observing and training opportunities!  Members can learn to operate several of the telescopes.  Training requirements range from easy to very advanced, depending on the telescope.  If you have interest in learning to operate any of the telescopes or have any questions in general, contact our Observatories Director,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .











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